Resource Therapy - The Process

What are you ready to change?

The question is that simple.

During the beginning of the first session, as your history is discussed, along with what brought you along to counselling, various Ego States will start to be identified.

Then, as you start to identify with them and understand them, associated feelings and emotions may also be felt.

By working with the feelings and the states involved ... seeking resolution, as well as compromise or support between state, incredible changes can take place.

Clients are so often simply amazed at the results - which are achieved by not focusing on the behavior, but on the cause.

Some clients achieve lasting change in one session, tho a few followup sessions are still recommended as there often can be other areas that would benefit you by working on.

Ego State Therapy is is different to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which deals with the symptoms - in the thinking brain. With RT you access initial causes and can then update them them with new positive or helpful ones.


* Disclaimer: "The results may vary from person to person"