Self Hypnosis, Sydney & North Shore


The following exercises will not be easy at first.

Practice over 6 weeks. When negative thoughts intrude; observe them, stop them, let them go.  You have to train your mind to be ‘mindful’. You have to practice being in your conscious mind. Being in the moment.


But be aware – the unconscious mind WILL resist as it believes the unhelpful behaviours are actually helpful.


Spend 5 to 10 minutes on the following exercises at different times:


1. Sit and focus on your breathing

Visualise it going in and out. Remove everything else from mind.

  • Visualise the out-breath as having form and substance, containing the behaviour you with to release.
  • Visualise the in-breath, containing the behaviour you wish to replace it with.

2. Think of a peaceful place

  • Go to this place & experience it through your own ‘eyes’ … eyes, ears, nose, skin, etc
  • Sharpen’ all the details – colour, detail, closeness, feelings, smells, contrasts, size
  • Take a photograph of the peaceful place with you in it. Store it. Anchor it.


3. Focus in on a specific desired behaviour

  • Think of an object or shape that represents it. Draw it in absolute detail in your mind giving attention to all aspects – colour, shape, form. Anchor it.

4. Think about desired behaviours

  • Go through the alphabet thinking of words, sounds, places or colours that represent how you want to be, where you feel that way, or what makes you feel that way.

5. Tapping (EFT)

Tapping can be used to help achieve goals, release stress, etc. It combines acupuncture(without needl es), EMDR (Eye  Movement De-sensitisation Re-processing) and Self Hypnosis (Therapeutic Trance)

While going through the following sequence, repeat positive affirmations.

  • Eyebrows, side of eyes, under eye, under nose, chin, collar bone, under arm
  • Thumb & 3 fingers
  • Karate chop (bottom edge of hand). The past is the past, enough is enough, I move on, I move forward. I let go of , I give myself permission to be , I give myself permission to succeed, I am calm, I’m in control, I am stronger everyday.
  • Gamut Point (back of hand below last 2 fingers). Eyes closed - look: down R, down L, Up R, Up L, circle clock wise, circle anti-clockwise, sing, count, tap top of head while repeating above.


6. Other Self-Guided Visualisations


  • In your mind: slowly walk down stairs, take the elevator to the basement floors, stroll along a forest path, float down stream, drop stones into a wishing well, sit in a magical garden, see letters in the sky fall to form words.

7. Anchoring

Anchoring is a process where you 'anchor' a desired state

  • Whatever feeling, emotion or behaviour you desire to call upon, choose a point on the body where you can ‘anchor’ it. Use this anchor to bring it back and re-experience the desired state.


* Note: You can Google Tapping (EFT - Emotionally Freedom Technique) and Anchoring on the net or on YouTube for more specific information, techniques or language to use.


* Disclaimer: "The results may vary from person to person"