Case Studies - Hypnotherapy & Resource Therapy

Below are just a few snapshots of the many success stories of people where they have had things that they have wanted to change ...  and did!!
They have all have stayed in that new state for a good period of time. After that I haven't heard from them. Change is always felt after the first session, but we usually follow up with a few sessions to reinforce and strengthen the new state. All names have been changed.

Apart from the stories listed below there are many other success stories including:


  • Fear of getting a needle or giving blood
  • Lack of motivation / inner conflict to rest
  • Hooked on junk food - following an operation later in life
  • Stopping smoking
  • Low self esteem
  • Anxiety around catching up with friends
  • General depression
  • Controlling tendencies that was destroying a marriage
  • Anger
  • PTSD
  • Sleep
  • Fear of Flying

In all of the above examples change was achieved in 1 or 2 sessions, with 1 or 2 followup sessions to ensure that the new behaviours etc were firmly in place.


Fear of Crowds

Jenny was in her 20s and hated going out where there were people. This was something that had gradually grown worse over many years. After a couple of sessions she was able to go the shops and mall with no concerns. After that she starting going out with her girlfriends and reported back saying she had a really great time and it was such fun to reconnect with them.


David was in his late 70s and had a nervous of going to the GP and having his blood pressure taken - which as a result was always high, even tho at home it was ok. We were able to access and resolve times in the past (childhood, teenager and 40s,0 where he actually had had bad experiences with unprofessional or uncaring doctors. As a result, after one session ... all clear. He came back for a second session - but only because he enjoyed the session so much, and to tell me how great he felt.


John, 40+ yo
When John came to see me he was suffering from a severe gambling addiction of 20 plus years, a drinking problem, and was a smoker. In addition he had anxiety due to all of the above and a failed relationship. However he was a very fit, active guy who had a good job and was very committed to change his life.

We did a combination of ego state therapy and hypnotherapy and remarkably after one session he rang and said he was totally blown away - he no longer had an interest in gambling and had cut down on his drinking.

Next step is to attack his smoking.

The cause was low self esteem due to childhood trauma - and gambling was an escape.


Sugar Obsession

Jane was a successful business woman in her late 40s who was juggling corporate life with being a wife and bringing up children. However since very young she obsessed over eating sugar and sweets, and had to exercise madly every day to offset the effects. After one session of ego state therapy she sent me an email saying "I have changed her life..."

The presenting cause was a mother who was never available and who used lollies to placate.

Can't Finish Anything

John was a photographer in his mid 50s who was great at his job, but was very disorganised, his desk was a mess and he had difficulty in following through on his work. He would process and print photographs, get them into envelopes, but then really struggle to post them. His desk was a mess. We used a combination of hypnotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. After the hypnotherapy he said "that was a crock of shit. It felt like a religious mumbo jumbo. But thanks for the session, I enjoyed meeting with you." I thought I would never hear from him again. Two weeks later he rang and made an appointment to see me for depression. He said in passing that "coincidently, I have got my self organised around the same time after seeing you".

No particular cause was uncovered.


John - in his later 30s - had had a heroin addiction for many years. After one session of ego state therapy he had stopped, and we did 3 more followup sessions of hypnotherapy. 3 months later he was still clean. Please note however - heroin is a very difficult thing to treat due to the chemical dependency that has developed. John was my first heroin client, my second one who was a mate of his I unfortunately was not successful with as he was was not ready. Life, environment, work, mates - all have to be supportive of giving up.

One reason we had such quick success was because he had a solid healthy childhood - and this was something that had not happened to his late 20s.


I have had many clients aging from 20s through to 60s with depression where Hypnotherapy combined with Ego State Therapy has really helped. However - if the depression appears to be quite severe however I ensure they are under medical supervision as well.

Causes range from traumatised childhoods to issues later in life plus sometimes family history.


I have also helped many people give up smoking - but like heroin, there is both a mental and physical addiction happening - so the success rate varies with clients.

Causes can range from childhood on. Clients must REALLY want to give up.

Fear of Public Speaking

John was a high school teacher and head of department. He was fine in front of a class but when talking in assembly with his peers present on stage, or presenting to the staff, he got the cold sweats and went into a panic state. Using a combination of ego state therapy and hypnotherapy after 2 sessions he was pretty much together.

The presenting cause was being made to play piano as a child in front of family friends.

I had a second client with a similar fear - success was not quite to the same degree, but she was hugely better compared to how she started out.

Fear of Being Alone

Jane hated being in the house on her own - and had to have it locked up tight with alarms and deadlocks. However her and her husband and daughter had just moved to a rental property and he was having to travel with work, and she was having terrible anxiety at night.

One session of ego state therapy and she rang and said "it was like a weight had been completely lifted off her shoulders. Totally amazing".

The cause was having to walk home in the dark as well as being left alone at night in a very dark and old house when a child.

I had a second case that was alike and she too enjoyed a simliar success after 2 sessions.


Fear over Cancer Returning

Jane, in her late 60s, had a terrible fear of her cancer returning, even tho she had been in remission for 5 years. Three sessions of hypnotherapy saw a total change in her view on life and her health. She was like a totally different person.

Fear of Playing / Performing

June was in year 12 - a gifted piano player - yet hated going up on stage to perform. It made her extremely anxious, nervous and shaky. It took one session to overcome this fear and start to really enjoy the opportunity to show off her talent.


I have seen many clients with weight issues and have had  generally had positive levels of success. A very tricky area to work with that often requires several strategies combined.


* Disclaimer: "The results may vary from person to person"