Life Coaching

I'm also see clients in the capacity of a  life coach --- helping individuals, professionals and executives deal with everyday issues ranging from motivation, confusion, career and family issues. I’ve been coaching clients for twenty years now, and I really love this work.

Helping clients to gain clarity, motivation and create successful changes in their lives and careers is extremely rewarding ... and flows across all aspects of my work, including coaching couples to build stronger relationships.

My life purpose is about empowering others, and everything I do is geared around this simple concept - and I am able to bring together my own experiences and learnings in corporate HR, as well as combine it with motivational techniques that I use in both my college teaching as well as working with individuals.

Working with clients I use a flexible framework that covers the following ... not necessarily in the order listed:

  • Identifying Goals - what is it you want to achieve working together. If you don't know where you are going how will you know when you get there?
  • Introspective Reflection - what have been your stumbling blocks to date? We don't learn from experience, but by reflecting on experience.
  • What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses - aligning strengths and past successes with goals, while being aware of your weaknesses, is a critical step.
  • Strategies - what big picture strategies can be identified to start moving forward towards those goals.
  • Tactics - what are the immediate steps required, and what if any issues need to be addressed as part of the tactics.