Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Sydney & North Shore

Understand and free yourself from the past to become who you really want to be.

Explore your past lives and in the process discover what really drives and motivates you, and why.

Past Life Regression is a process involving the retrieval of memories and experiences from 'past lives'.It is a gentle procedure where client and therapist journey together to uncover root causes of relationship, health and 'life' issues, and attempt to effect resolution and understanding. It is also a method of exploring past lives in order to observe patterns of behaviour and events, thus shedding light on current concerns.

Uncover the root causes of health, relationship, emotional and life issues and work towards their healing and resolution.

Regression and Therapy can help resolve a number of issues.

  • Inability to attract a suitable partner: attracting the 'wrong type' of partner, too submissive/too dominant relationships, over - possessiveness, irrational fear of losing your partner, sexual difficulties, abusive relationships.
  • Parent/child/sibling issues: Feelings of 'disconnection' from family members, 'cuckoo in the nest' syndrome, i.e. feelings of not belonging, irrational dislike, lack of love, inappropriate feelings and attractions, over dependence, irrational emotional outbursts, sibling rivalry, violent feelings, physical or emotional abuse.
  • Emotional/Mental difficulties: Shyness, lack of confidence or self-worth, phobias, self-hatred, aggressive tendencies, excesses of grief, anger, guilt or resentment, performance anxieties, depression.
  • 'Life' Issues: Lack of success, cycles of failure, feelings that life or God are against you, lack of good fortune.
  • Health issues: Obesity, addictions, excessive tiredness, lack of libido, physical conditions/illnesses which fail to respond to other treatments, tension, unexplained rashes, pains or stiffness.

Past Life Regression and Therapy can often help you understand:

Patterns: What drives you and why? based on events and goals over past incarnations. What goals did your soul set for you this time around? What have you learned or failed to learn? Have you achieved what your soul set out to do this time round?

Yourself: Discover who you have been in past incarnations, i.e. what roles you have played. Learn about past achievements and failures, what goals you have set yourself and why you have chosen to be here at this time.

Neil has trained in Past Life Regression with Toni Reilly, one of Australia's leading practicioners, who was a student of Brian Weiss, the author of Many Lives, Many Masters.


* Disclaimer: "The results may vary from person to person"