Testimonials for Hypnotherapy, Sydney & North Shore

Hi Neil. I saw you in Mona Vale about 2 years ago for fear of flying. I have to thank you. I have been to South America and Canada and planning a trip to Spain next year. A friend asked me for your number and this has prompted me to send this very belated message. Thanks so much . C

*The hypnotherapy sessions with Neil have helped me in the struggle with depression and confidence issues caused by an unhappy relationship. It grows on you - if you haven’t done hypnotherapy before, you will probably be a little tense and skeptical in the beginning, but as the sessions progress you become more relaxed and trusting in the technique. And it works immediately as well as gradually - you will find yourself thinking and reacting in new ways, the ways you always wanted to, but couldn’t without a bit of help from a therapist. Thank you Neil, you are doing a great job and I couldn’t recommend you enough! N.S.

You said it would work Neil, but I honestly can't thank you enough. After trying 2 different psychologists, and with no success, to have James back at school is the biggest relief imaginable.

*Since having worked with you Andrea for mentoring and communication I consistently feel in control and calm with whatever challenge I face, I have been promoted at work and I am generally loving my life.  I think the relaxation you introduced me to with hypnotherapy will always travel with me.  Thanks for all  u have done.

*Thanks Neil, Right from the first session I knew this would change my life, thank you for all your support and expert guidance.

*Hi Neil, I didn’t know hypnotherapy could be used for so many things.  After how much you helped me with relieving my exam anxiety, I’ll be referring all my friends and family to you no matter what issue they are wanting to resolve.  Incredible.

*I had tried hypnotherapy in the past and it didn’t really work for me so I was sceptical about coming to see you Andrea, but I was desperate for change.  Now, what a difference, I wish I’d come to you sooner, after a few sessions life is so much better.  Thank you.

*Thanks Neil. I'm feeling a lot better these days! Stronger with more clarity. So thank you. Wishing you an amazing Christmas and New Year.

*Guess what? I just went and got my cholesterol checked and it worked -  the needle didn't freak me out. Was soo cool.

*Hi Neil. No more sweets, and I am back exercising again. If I hadn't experienced it myself I wouldn't have believed it. I

*I had a year of paid counselling, then a year paid by me following the attack ... and still felt anxious. 8 years later I thought that this is as good as it gets. Yet one session with you and I am free again. Lights off at night without even thinking about it. Thanks Neil. Ego State Therapy is AMAZING! B

*HI Neil ... The tools you have given me have been very useful. I have also recommended my friend F. I am thinking I will give her one of your visit as a Christmas gift. B

*A is much better - allthough he still looks for external validations to make him feel better he appears to be much more content which is good. Thank you

*Hi Neil I just wanted to say thank you for my hypnosis last Wednesday. I spent thurs frid & sat night in my house without my husband & felt absolutely fine. The anxiety levels were at 100% & they have now dropped to 1-%. It's like the problem never existed. Any negative thoughts led straight to the image of the lioness! I am very grateful & thrilled it worked. Best wishes J

*Neil gave me wonderful support and tools :) I am now working much better with events that test my critical mind and learning to relax more.. F

*I am now able to be around my family and also communicate effectively with them and speak my mind and stand on my own two feet without being influenced and also be comfortable and not feel guilt or anger about the past and what I cannot change but accept and meet it face to face and deal with it..P


*My panic attacks are no longer a common occurrence and I am able to control my anger without exploding or causing negative outcomes as a result. L

*Thank you Neil for sharing your energy, compassion, wisdom and humor with me as I learn to work on my stuff and also learn and integrate some deep lessons.

*Neil is a truly warm, supportive and sincere human being who is passionate about what she does and genuinely cares. I would not hesitate in recommending her. SA

*Neil also helped me gain a clearer understanding of issues which have held me back all my life and resulted in chronic health problems. With that understanding, the therapy and other practical solutions we agreed upon proved very beneficial.

*Neil you has been instrumental in helping me boost much needed confidence whilst navigating two of the most difficult periods of my life.

"I started seeing Neil about 6 months ago when my life was feeling out-of-control. I had lost touch with who I was and no longer had an idea of who I actually wanted to be. Over the past 6 months, the work, I have been doing with Neil has allowed me to look deep within myself and focus on what it is I want in life. I look forward to the sessions I have with her and the open, honest and supportive conversations she offers. I feel I have come along way this year but know that it's just the beginning - thanks to Dy, I am getting back on track and excited for what the future holds...LB"

*Hypnotherapy with Andrea was a wonderful, sobering experience of self discovery at a time when I was battling with issues of anger, lack of focus and direction in life. Dyanna empowered me to look within for answers and re-evaluate my core values; her gentle caring and nurturing approach helped me with my journey of self discovery and healing. Friends & family noticed an amazing transformation in me to a more confident, much calmer and compassionate person that can deal with issues with an open mind and more positive attitude. I'd like to acknowledge and thank Dyanna sincerely for my amazing transformation. Andrea is very passionate about her work with a genuine interest in helping people achieve their goals. I highly recommend Dyanna to anyone who needs a life changing experience...JM"

*Hi Neil

thank you for the followup. I do feel very good. Quite amazed actually at how good I feel.

Haven't had any sweets at all and not even feeling like anthing. Pewter also getting hugs!!

You have helped me change my life.

Thank you!!

N (50 yo professional, married, working mother of 2)

*As for how Hypnotherapy has helped me I feel far more confident in my abilities and really wish I had participated sooner. There is a remarkable sense of empowerment and I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels that life is becoming too much of a struggle.

Thank you Neil for all the work you have during the consultations and for the difference you have made in my life.


*Through attending a number of counselling sessions and hypnotherapy, Neil was able to help me achieve a new lease of life and rebuild my self-esteem, having plummeted into a mid-life crisis.  From a very young age, having an exceptionally strong maternal instinct, all I ever wanted to be was a mother. After being blessed with over twenty-five years of mothering and living my life through my children, at the stage my youngest left school I began to flounder, gradually losing a sense of purpose as they became progressively more independent.   At the same time, I had also suffered from a long term illness which had taken me out of circulation and led to a feeling of increasing isolation and under-confidence.  Through counselling and hypnotherapy, Neil was miraculously able to overcome a real mental block that had developed and motivate me to take up some old interests, particularly in language and music.  He showed that he genuinely cared, going right out of his way to help, by looking up contact numbers etc, so that I could expand my interests.

I am so grateful for Neil’s inspiration, as only after a few short months, I feel much more content with a much more positive outlook

*Hi Neil
Just to let you know that after weeks and weeks of waking at 3am and having anxiety at that time, after 1 session with you last week, I have been sleeping right through the night. No sleeping pills - what a pleasure. I never thought you would be able to get into my sub-conscious but you did it with ease.
What a great experience.......thanks so much.


*I  was recommended by a friend to see Neil as I have been suffering from anxiety and stress for several years now and it has been getting worse.
I have been married 17 years and have 3 kids - 1 in primary and 2 in high school -  and life has been becoming just far too difficult.

I met with Neil a total of 4 times, and he did a variety of exercises with me including hypnotherapy and the results were amazing, even from the first session. I was skeptical about hypnotherapy before meeting Neil but now can't speak highly enough of it.

We also spent time discussing my home life and my relationship with my husband, and the insights I have gained have also had a huge impact - not just for me but for all the family.

I have to say it was one of the best investments I have made in a long time. I am now working on my husband to make an appointment!! - Jane

*I was not expecting you to suggest using hypnosis to help with my stress. After a few sessions however it is just great. I feel far more relaxed, am getting on much better at home, and am feeling positive about life again.

I have even told my friends about it so you may get some more bookings.

Thanks, Mark

*Things couldn't be better!! We have been relating really well to each other and spending a lot of time together again. ... so all in all, you have worked miracles! I will probably see you again in the next month or two

... I'd like to thank you for all your invaluable advice and your impartial position, and for talking me into trying hypnotherapy. JB

*Going into hypnotherapy I was a bit sceptical. I was thrilled with the results after one treatment. It is a very calming porcess to be put in a relaxed state. I would recoment this to anyone! Rick

*Hi thanks for yesterdays session feeling really great!! S

*The hypnotherapy sessions with Neil have helped me in the struggle with depression and confidence issues caused by an unhappy relationship. It grows on you - if you haven’t done hypnotherapy before, you will probably be a little tense and skeptical in the beginning, but as the sessions progress you become more relaxed and trusting in the technique. And it works immediately as well as gradually - you will find yourself thinking and reacting in new ways, the ways you always wanted to, but couldn’t without a bit of help from a therapist. Thank you Neil, you are doing a great job and I couldn’t recommend you enough! N.S.

*Its (AK) here. I would just like to say thankyou again for helping me with some of the problems I’ve been facing. I’m so lucky to have come across someone like you that is so compassionate and who I feel really does care, and wants to genuinely help me through these difficult times.
It just means so much that there’s people like you out there in the world that aren’t just in this profession for the money, but who honestly want to help and make people’s lives better. And just the fact that you followed up after our first couple of sessions to see how things were going, and also to invite me back for more sessions even though I couldn’t afford it, really does mean alot. I already feel a whole lot better thanks to you!!

If only the world had more people like you, it would certainly be a better place :) …
Yours Sincerely A

*I can't believe it. Dinner was fantastic!! It was at the new Ivy Bar in George Street.  I had no anxiety at all.  I was so confident that I went to the Gym by myself on Saturday morning as well brekkie by myself.  The previous day I was unable to do so and relied on N  heavily.  So good job!!!!  I would love to know more about  the therapy we did.   It’s magic!!!

C.L. (Note - therapy used was Time Line Therapy. Neil)

*It had been my dream for many years to start up a business painting murals. I never made the step even though I had been told many times by others throughout my life that I had a talent I was wasting.

I can only put that down to circumstances in my life that left me with a lack of confidence alongside a fear of rejection and failure. Even though these circumstances were not related in any way to my talent as an artist, the brain keeps your dreams in the same box as your fears…and they get mixed together regardless.

One day, at the age of 50, I realised that to not follow my dream would be a failure in itself . So I really had nothing to lose.

Over the following 3 years I made attempts to start a business, getting a website, designing business cards etc. I would invariably come across obstacles that would prevent me going further. I found I was secretly relieved to have the excuse not to continue for the time being. I was going through the motions of setting up a business, without experiencing any risks of being in a business. I still felt safe.

At the end of 2007, finally I was in a position to give up my job and start my life as a muralist. Those fears came crashing back.

I had heard about hypnotism as a tool to overcome fears, and I was ready to try anything that might help.

I found Neil friendly and understanding. He put me at ease before the session, and over a cup of coffee we talked about all the reasons for my fears and ways of overcoming them. What he said made sense, I just had to change my mindset.

After he hypnotised me I felt something had shifted. Driving home I was aware of a clarity in my mind and my vision. I found that every time I thought of my business there were no negative feelings or thoughts coming into play, there was just the original thought. I even tried to think of something negative..but there was just a blank wall!

The following weeks I stayed in the same frame of mind, and finally I had this new found confidence in myself and more importantly a belief in myself that wasn’t there before.

I was supposed to have a follow up session a few weeks later, but I rang him to cancel.I didn’t need it.

Thankyou Neil for helping me to realise my dream. F

*I have got my self esteem back ...

Since my divorce 2 years ago I have been struggling with being able to take a positive outlook on life. I wasn’t depressed, but little things could make me feel down. In particular I have had some bad experiences around rejection, which I guess were tied into my self esteem. I would meet a guy, and then if he didn’t want to keep seeing me, I would take this very personally.

I saw Neil 4 times - the first really exploring what was going on for me and discussing the years leading up to my divorce as well as touching on my childhood. After that he used a combination of exercises including hynotherapy and the results were astonishing.

I now feel so positive about my life and the future - it really was quite miraculous.



* Disclaimer: "The results may vary from person to person"